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    1. Generator Diesel EngineQuanchai generator series diesel engine has a great performance and high quality. Their key components are optimized for high-speed automotive diesel engine parts and components. It has a dynamic interface in line with SAE standards. The generator diesel engine has a good reputation, is versatile and has been well positioned for years in the market.
    1. Water Pump Diesel EngineThe water pump diesel engine is easy to maintain because it is able to use universal spare parts. It has direct injection combustion chamber, low fuel consumption and simple starting; with small size and light weight has strong power and it follows National Emission Standards.
      Our water pump diesel engine includes several models: QC380 (DI) and QC385Q (DI) with 3 cylinders ...
    1. Harvester Diesel EngineWe offer harvester diesel engines with dry cylinder liner type, direct injection and other characteristics. Our harvester engines have power from 25 to 55KW, 53 to 66.2KW and 66 to 92KW.
      Our 25-55kw harvester diesel engine includes several models: QC480L, N490L, QC495L, QC498L, 4102L and 4105L. All models are vertical, in-line, water cooled, four-stroke and naturally aspirated diesel engines ...
    1. Tractor Diesel EngineThe tractor diesel engine has been specially designed for medium and large type of tractors, saving cost for operation and maintenance. It has large bore and long stroke with high torque, low vibration and transfer rate; built under National Emission Standards II. According the engine power, we can offer tractor diesel engines with power from 14.7 to 44KW, 43 to 62.5KW, and 60.3 to 110KW.
    1. Truck Diesel EngineThe truck diesel engine uses direct injection combustion chamber, advanced performance, low fuel consumption and easy starting. Its body, cylinder head, crankshaft and other components are designed to strengthen combustion, cooling and lubrication system, optimizing its performance. The adoption of starting decompression device greatly improves engine's cold starting function.
    1. Construction Machinery Diesel EngineThis kind of diesel engine offers many advantages, like high fuel efficiency, great reliability, compact structure, large torque and low noise. The optional twin shaft balance mechanism can also greatly reduce vibration contributing to the smooth running of the engine. These engines have been built under National Emissions Standards II and European Emissions Standards I-II.
    1. Vehicle Diesel EngineThe vehicle diesel engine has been developed in close cooperation with ELABETT from Germany. It has been built with EUP (electronic unit pump), electrically controlled high pressure common rail, VE pump electrically controlled and SCR after-treatment techniques. It has large power reserve, high torque and strong climbing ability with low fuel consumption; low vibration and noise.

Quanchai Engine Company, founded in 1949, is an experienced diesel engine and generator set manufacturer in China. In order to keep up with customers' needs, we provide a wide range of products, including vehicle diesel engine, generator engine and truck diesel engine, as well as diesel engine for harvester, tractor and construction machinery.

Our product uses compression heat to ignite the fuel, which is injected into the combustion chamber during the final stage of compression. The diesel engine is reliable; it has longer service life, fuel efficient and produces low waste heat in cooling. As a result, it is becoming popular with customers from United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Malaysia, Greece, Vietnam, Australia and Cambodia among other countries.

Our goal is to satisfy customers by offering them high quality and well-priced diesel engines. To accomplish this, we have advanced equipment and manufacture our products in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO16949 standards. We provide our staff continuing training to improve their skills; main components are produced by our company or purchased from reliable suppliers nearby and along with mass production, greatly reduce our costs. All these factors enable us to supply reliable and economical diesel engines to our customers worldwide.

Customization and OEM services are also available upon request. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Other Products
    1. Open Diesel Generator SetOur 10-20kva open diesel generator set includes three models: Q10, Q16 and Q20. Q10 open diesel genset is designed with a prime power of 10Kva and standby power of 11kva. It is powered ...
    1. Silent Diesel Generator SetOur 30-85kva open diesel generator set includes three models: Q30S, Q50S and Q85S. Q30S silent diesel genset is designed with a prime power of 20kva and standby power of 33kva ...
    1. Single Cylinder Diesel EngineThe single cylinder diesel engine is widely used for agriculture equipment, generators and small boats. Also used for walking tractors, tricycle, drainage and irrigating systems. Our single ...
    1. Euro Ⅳ Diesel EngineThe Euro IV diesel engine has advanced performance, low fuel consumption and easy starting. It has large power, high torque and strong climbing ability and a deployed domestic supercharger.