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    1. Single Cylinder Diesel EngineThe single cylinder diesel engine is widely used for agriculture equipment, generators and small boats. Also used for walking tractors, tricycle, drainage and irrigating systems. Our single cylinder diesel engine comes from 3 to 8.82KW power for QC series engine, from 4.4 to 7.35KW for R series engine and from 8.82 to 16.2KW for ZS series engine.
    1. Two Cylinder Diesel EngineThe optional twin balance shafts can also reduce vibration contributing to the smooth running of this diesel engine, always working under National Emissions Standards II and European Emissions Standards I and II. The two cylinder diesel engine has easy starting, low fuel consumption and has many applications for truck, vehicles, engineering, construction and many other fields.
    1. Three Cylinder Diesel EngineWe offer three cylinder diesel engine in different models, all of them with direct injection. They are vertical, in-line, water cooled, four-stroke and naturally aspirated diesel engines. QC380Q three cylinder diesel engine for truck and vehicle is available in 19KW power while QC385Q (DI) three cylinder diesel engine is designed with 23KW power. QC380G three cylinder engine for engineering and construction is available in power of 14.5KW.
    1. Four Cylinder Diesel EngineThe four cylinder diesel engine offers many advantages: high fuel efficiency, reliability, compact structure, large torque and low noise. The four cylinder diesel engine has easy starting, low fuel consumption and has many applications for truck, vehicles, construction and many other fields.
      All models are vertical, in-line, water cooled, four-stroke and natural aspirated diesel engines.
    1. Six Cylinder Diesel EngineThe six cylinder generator and harvester diesel engine includes several models, most of them are turbo charging and inner cooled diesel engines. They have direct injection chamber type with a consumption ratio no more than 235g/kw•h. The QC6112T model is available in 110KW power while the QC6112ZLD is 165KW. The QC10ZLD-1 model is 235KW power. For more details, please read the following technical specification chart.
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    1. Harvester Diesel EngineWe offer harvester diesel engines with dry cylinder liner type, direct injection and other characteristics. Our harvester engines have power from 25 to 55KW, 53 to 66.2KW and 66 to 92KW.
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