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About Us
Established in 1949, Quanchai Engine Company is an experienced diesel engine manufacturer. Thanks to constant work to expand our product line, we are proud to offer a wide variety of engine models with power ranging from 2kWto 350kW.
We have grown rapidly over recent years. We are now staffed with over 3000 people and have several subsidiaries and were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1998, with a stock code of 600218. Headquartered in Anhui, China, we at Quanchai serve customers from Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, America and Europe through our extensive sales network.

Vehicle diesel engine, generator diesel engine, harvester diesel engine and tractor engineare our primary products. Engines designed for construction machinery and water pumps are also available. Our engines are built to provide uncompromising performance, while meeting emission standards, like Euro IIand Euro III. They have earned a reputation for fuel efficiency, compact structure and ease of installation. In addition, the use of universal parts greatly facilitates the maintenance and repair of our engines. As a result, Quanchai diesel engines are favored by many renowned companies, like Foton, JAC, Dongfeng, and Heli forklift.

Technological Advantages
We at Quanchai have cooperative relationships with Germany's ELSBETT Company, Shanghai Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute, Chongqing Automobile Research Institute, and many universities. This enables us to keep abreast of the most current technologies and consistently introduce new products to the market.
In 2005, we began using internationally advanced, high pressure, common rail technology to manufacture diesel engines, in accordance with NationalⅢemission standards.
In 2007, we developed 4D22E, 4D18E NationalⅢdiesel engines, with independent intellectual property rights.
In 2008, we made sizable investments in the acquisition of EUP electric VE pump technologies, which have resulted in improvements in our NationalⅢseries products.
We are also prepared to develop and produce Euro IVdiesel engines.
To date, we have developed 4D22E, 4D22EA, 4D18E, 4D25, 4D25F and 4D26 diesel engines, so we are able to meet customers' diversified needs.

1. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help resolve any problem you may encounter.
2. We can provide samples to help customers to better understand our products.
3. In order to keep customers' diesel engines running smoothly, we include additional spare parts with every shipment.
4. We can offer onsite maintenance service if needed.
5. OEM and customization services are available upon request.
If you would like further information on our diesel engines or services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Main Products
    1. Diesel Engine for Vehicle It adopts EUP (electronic unit pump), SCR post-treatment techniques, and thus can accurately control the fuel injection amount, injection pressure and injection time under different operating conditions. In addition, the utilization of world famous brand turbocharger...
    1. Diesel Engine for Generator Our product features compact structure, light weight and easy installation. It uses direct injection type combustion chamber, which is easier to start and consumes 8%-15% less fuel than divided combustion chamber. In addition, the power interface of our generator diesel...
    1. Diesel Engine for Water Pump (Fire Fighting Pump) 1. Small size, light weight, strong power
      2. Direct injection combustion chamber, low fuel consumption, ease of start
      3. This diesel engine is designed for fire fighting pump.
      4. The utilization...
    1. Diesel Engine for Harvester Quanchai diesel engine for harvester, which has the advantages of big bore, long stroke, large torque, high power, compact structure and low vibration. As it uses direct injection combustion chamber, our harvester diesel engine is easy to start and fuel efficient. In addition, it meets National...
    1. Diesel Engine for Truck 3. forced water cooling method and wet cylinder liner ensure thorough, uniform cooling, which effectively reduces the heat load of the diesel engine.
      4. The adoption of starting decompression device greatly improves engine's cold starting performance...
    1. Diesel Engine for Construction Machinery The optional twin shaft balance mechanism can also greatly reduce vibration, thereby contributing to the smooth running of the engine. In addition, main components are specially designed for construction equipment, which are easy to install. Moreover...